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Submersible magnetic drive pond pumps, magnetic asynchronous pond pumps or direct drive pond pumps provide interesting and dynamic enhancements to any garden pond waterfall. This one element provides visual and auditory stimulation that prove endlessly fascinating.

As with all of our garden pond supplies, the pump will preserve the ecological health of a pond by aerating the water, encouraging oxygen saturation. The waterfall pump circulates the water over a waterfall which allows oxygen to become dissolved in the circulating water. Fish in the pond and beneficial bacteria in the waterfall filter require an ongoing process of oxygenation in order to thrive.

In fact, the benefits created by a waterfall are so important that we strongly urge owners to operate the submersible pump 24 hours a day to achieve the best results.
All our pond pumps and pump supplies are at deeply discounted prices.
For housing or hiding of the pump and the advanced water cleaning and filtration provided by a skimmer is also essential for maintaining a beautiful, healthy water garden.

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